About Arte Mundial Museum Gallery On Sept. 25, 2021 we opened the first and only permanent art gallery exclusively featuring the works of Hispanic painters, sculptures and artisans. There are 26 artists works on display in Arte Mundial Museum Gallery with 3500+ artists registered with us from 40 countries. Arte Mundial Museum Gallery was declared a "Museum" on Nov 18th 2021 by the United States 117th Congress of the United States. The Museum was given that designation because it is the only permanent location open to the public that serves to promote the Hispanic Culture. The artists that are on this website exhibit the original pieces in the Museum Gallery located in Orlando Florida. As of this date December 27 2021 there as never been any government funding provided to ant Hispanic Organization in more than 20 years in the municipality in which we reside. The Museum while only 3,000 sq ft has an amazing display of original works un-duplicated in any gallery or museum in central Florida. This Museum, initiated by Danny Ramos is a collaborative effort initially of 30 artists that came together to insure the preservation of Hispanic Culture. We are located in the Motor Trend Car Dealership Building which was provided by the Museums benefactor Jay Rosario

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History about National Hispanic Achievers Corporate Achievers


We are registered under a 40 year old not for

profit 501-3-c corp. For 40 years we have

been addressing issues of concern to the

Hispanic community. We have taken action

where necessary to support change by

exposing conditions using our media platforms.

We have also initiated major events, educational seminars working with major universities and government agencies to educate small business and consumers.


Presently we broadcast TV programs on

Spectrum Cable, Roku and of course social medias, You Tube etc. We produce our TV programs in our office weekly. We interview community leaders and elected officials to

discuss at length problems we face in our community, issues such as Human Trafficking, spousal abuse and homelessness.

Here in Central Florida there are 26,000

homeless children.


We have also organized the largest Hispanics Festivals here in Central Florida (Raices) and

in New York the largest Festival in the history

of New York,


We founded the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, Raises Festival, Christian Stars Chaplaincy, Hispanics Speakout TV, and

Latina Role Model TV.,  the first Hispanic

Auto license plate and, Boricua Beer

Company. In New York the "Hispanic Worlds

Fair and the first ever Minority Business

Convention with the State of New York.


Today we produce 2 on line publications, ePOLITICS and Arte Mundial News.

We have 305,211 subscribers in

Central Florida.

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National Hispanic Corporate

Achievers Inc a 501 (3)(C)

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Arte Mundial Museum Gallery "Art is the Visual Collective of the Soul of Humanity" -Danny Ramos

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